January 29, 2013

Making plabric - the new black in green art.

My how time flies! It's only a couple of days until the first Make & Cake workshop for 2013. We're starting off the year making 'plabric'. This is plastic fabric or as some call it plastic bag fabric. We'll be making this into a brand new stronger reusable shopping bag.

I thought I'd do a search on this interesting textile and here are a few pictures of what some very crafty creative folk are doing around the world. All thanks to those wonderful bloggers out there showing us your wonderful creations.

This is a bigger version of the style of bag we'll be making. Check out the handles made from duct tape...
Wearable plabric art. This would definitely need lining.
This is plabric made from strips of plastic bag crocheted in rows with fishing line.
Journal cover.
Purse clutch bags made from well-known logos.
Zipped toilet bags.

This is the logo of a group that promote plabric. 

Check out this option for making knitting/crochet plarn.  http://www.pieandcoffee.org/2005/11/17/how-to-knit-a-plastic-bag/

Or this one; http://www.masslive.com/business/index.ssf/2010/06/greenfield_green_entrepreneur_turns_colorful_trash_plastic_bags_into_useful_plabric_creations.html

I'm feeling inspired now. Time to go iron myself up some more plabric and get sewing.

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